Dozza Lamiere


CO2 Laser Cutting

• 1 Bystronic Bystar 3015 Laser
Working range: mm 3000x1500
Equipped with automatic loading and unloading system to operate during unmanned shifts
Power: 3000 Watt
Cutting thickness:
Steel: 15 mm
Stainless steel: 10 mm max
Aluminum: 8 mm max
Brass: 3 mm

Bending and Tube bending

• 3 CNC Gasparini bending machines
100 Ton x 3000 mm

The company has at its disposal press brakes that are able to perform complex processing, realizing any geometry on steel sheets, stainless steel sheets and aluminum.

• 2 3-Roll calanders
Minimum radius Ø60 mm on 1 m length with 2 mm thickness
Minimum radius Ø130 mm on 2 m length with 3 mm thickness

• Tube bending Machine BLM
Bending capacity Ø10 to Ø30 tube diameter
Tube thickness up to 3 mm
Bending radius from 40 to 250 mm


• 6 stations for pulsed ARC manual welding, TIG and MIG 
Load-bearing capacity: 500 Kg

Dozza Lamiere has a department consisting of 6 workstations for manual welding, with experienced and qualified personnel that is constantly kept up to date on the best welding techniques.