Forlì Lamiere


CO2 Laser Cutting

• 2 Trumpf laser cutting machines
Working range: 1500x3000 mm
6000 Watt power
Cutting thickness:
Steel: 25 mm
Stainless Steel: 25 mm
Aluminum: 15 mm

Laser cutting allows to achieve excellent performances, ensuring high productivity, precision products, process repeatability even for small series and reduction of production waste. 
The laser cutting machines, along with the punching machine, are served by an automated Trumpf Liftmaster warehouse system, that is 42 m long and 7 m high, with 255 racks, with a dimension of 1500x3000 mm each.

Combined Laser Punching

• Combined Finn Power laser machine
Working range: 3000x1500 mm
with repositioning
30 threading stations (4 Index)
6 screw thread stations
2600 Watt power
30 ton punchers power

This machine is mainly characterized by its speed. In fact it has an axis positioning speed of 228 m/min, a nibbling speed up to 1000 strokes per minute and a punching speed, with a step movement of 25 mm, up to 500 strokes per minute.
The system is also equipped with a 6 station rotating screw thread cutting tool and a deformation unit.
The punching machine, along with the laser cutting machines, are served by an automated Trumpf Liftmaster warehouse system, that is 42 m long and 7 m high, with 255 racks, each with a dimension of 1500x3000 mm.

Panel Bending

• Finn Power panel bending machine
Automatic panel bending cell Express Bender
Working range: 2500x1500 h 200 mm
Cutting thickness:
Steel: 3 mm
Stainless steel: 2 mm
Aluminum: 4 mm

This machine guarantees high bending performances with maximum accuracy and reduced processing times.
Its operation cycle is fully automated, providing independently the steps of loading, rotating during the bending sequence, bending and unloading.
Another key feature is the interpolation of the 2 numerically controlled axes which drive the movement of the blade.
It is also equipped with an integrated engraving tool and an automatic tool changing unit.


• CNC Trumpf TruBend 5320 Bending Machine
320 ton x 400 mm

• 3 CNC LVD bending machines
150 ton x 2500 mm


In addition to the panel bender, the company owns press brakes that are able to perform any sheet metal bending process, with high precision and maximum attention on the details. 

Robotic Welding

• 1 Hyundai HH010L welding robot with Fronius welder
Working range: 12000x2000 mm
6 axes with lathe positioners
Load capacity :1.2 Ton

• 1 Cloos Romat 350 welding robot
Working range: mm 2500 x diam 1400 max

• 2 Motoman welding robots
Working range: 3000x1200 mm max
Working range: 1600xdiam1200 max
With CMT (Cold Metal Tranfers) Technology

Forlì Lamiere has 4 welding robots and highly specialized personnel, for hand welding that requires more specific care.