Forlì Lamiere

The company

Forli Lamiere was acquired by the ISAF Group in 2011. Specialized in the sheet metal processing since the 60’s, it immediately rose to the position of leading company,  as it was among the first to believe in laser technology,  and thus acquired an important and highly qualified experience over the years.
The philosophy of Forlì Lamiere is summarized in the constant pursuit of total customer satisfaction, by offering the maximum processing quality, the choice of the best raw materials and reliable, on time performances. Thanks to a management that constantly seeks to anticipate its customer needs, the company continues to invest in innovative, reliable and highly efficient technologies.
The company occupies an area of 11,000 square meters of which 5000 are covered.
Forli Lamiere has an automated warehouse system with 255 racks, which directly serve the laser cutting machines, allowing processing even during unmanned shifts. The internal logistics allows the handling of materials and products up to 5 tons.

Forli Lamiere is also owner of the brand BYSTEEL, a leading company in the design, production and distribution of stainless steel and aluminum furniture and its accessories, whose products are made directly in the Forlì facility.