3D Fiber Lasertube Cutting

• 3D Fiber Lasertube Cutting Machine BLM Adige LT8.20
4000 Watt power
Workable bar length 6500 mm
Maximum workable weight: 40 Kg / m
Maximum loading weight: 5000 Kg

3D cutting system with tilting axis for bevel cutting
Suction and removal system for cutting residues
Active scan probing system for maximum cutting precision even on inaccurate profiles
Reduced times of loading, unloading and changing the type of profiles
Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper
Cutting dimensions: Round tube mm 12 Ø min - 240 Ø max
Square tube mm 12x12 min - 200x200 max
Rectangular tube, oval bar, flat bar, elliptical bar
H, L, U and special profiles: Maximum Ø of the circumscribed circle: 280 mm

This machine allows a precise and clean cut on tubes and profiles, guaranteeing excellent quality of the finished product and reduced processing times, also thanks to the integrated Artube CAD development program.


Fiber Laser Cutting

• 1 Laser Bystronic Fiber 3000
3000 Watt power
Work range: 2000x4000 mm
Cutting thickness:Steel: 15 mm
Stainless steel: 12 mm
Aluminum:10 mm
Brass, copper: 6 mm

Fiber laser system with automatic loading and unloading, to work in unmanned shifts.
The fiber optics technology, allows the processing of sheet metal up to 3 mm with a higher cutting speed and precision, than a CO2 laser, and without residue or slag.

CO2 Laser Cutting

• 1 Laser Bystronic Bystar 3015
4400 Watt power
Work range: 1500x3000 mm
Equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems for unmanned shifts
Cutting thickness:Steel: 25 mm
Stainless steel: 20 mm
Aluminum:12 mm
Brass: 6 mm

Laser cutting enables the achievement of excellent performances, ensuring high productivity, precision products, process repeatability even for small series and reduction of production waste.  Thanks to the versatility of the machine you can cut various shapes and geometries on different surfaces, from thin sheets to very thick ones. 


• 1 AMADA HG1300 bending machine with ATC 3 MT 100 t 
Automatic tool changer for maximum efficiency on small production lots
Setup time on 3 mt: 2 min
Automatic bending control with BI-S system
Remote CAD-CAM programming

• 1 CNC-Bending machine CBC 400 t x 6000 mm
• 1 CNC-Bending machine CBC 200 t x 5000 mm
• 1 CNC-Bending machine CBC 400 t x 4000 mm
• 1 CNC-Bending machine CBC 130 t x 3000 mm
• 1 CNC-Bending machine CBC   90 t x 2000 mm
• 3 hydraulic rolling machines with Ø160 mm, length up to 2600 mm

Among the CNC bending machines at our disposal, one is a 3 m press brake that allows conical bending. Our highly skilled operators are able to perform particularly difficult bending, curving and calandering operations, developing a high volume of work in a short time, to meet the customer's expectations.


• 1 Trumpf T2000R punching machine
 Work range: 1250 (y) x 2000 (x)
With x axis positioning table
15 tools
Screw threading M3, M4, M5, M6, M8

The system allows for cutting, deformation, screw threading and marking processes, providing solutions for  any technical problem.
The compact CNC machining center has a very large cutting area and a rotating head with excellent operational flexibility and a wide range of processes.


• 12 manual pulsating ARC welding stations, with, TIG and MIG
Load-bearing capacity: 500 Kg

Metal welding is a process that more than others determines the quality standard of the finished product.
Our experienced and highly qualified staff is constantly trained and kept up to date on the best welding techniques,  resulting in an increase of  its professional know-how and  enrichment of its skills.

Cold Cutting

• 1 Gasparini shearing machine
Working range: 3000x6 mm

• 1 Mep Shark NC 332 Nevo band saw
Cutting measures at 0 °C
Square: 260 mm
Rectangular: 330x260 mm max
Round: Ø300 mm max


• 1 Tecchnomark Multi4  marker
Technology: percussion
Working range: 110x50 mm

ISAF provides a precise and accurate marking service, designed for all those who intend to permanently identify or personalize their own products. Numerical codes, short texts, company logos or any other information can be marked on the products.

Assembling and Finishing

Assembling and finishing are essential stages in the production process that require great care and attention, in order not to undermine all the previous steps.
Experience plays a major role and, combined with the professionalism of our staff, ensures the desired results.