CO2 Laser Cutting

• 1 Laser Trumpf Trumatic L3050
Working range: 1500x3000 mm
Power: 5000 watt
Cutting thickness:
Steel and stainless steel 20 mm, Aluminum: 12 mm


• 3 bending machines 30 Tons x 3000 mm

Cold Cutting

• 1 shearing machine
working range3000x6 mm

• 3 automatic milter saws
x:520 y:350 mm

Machine Tooling

• 1 CNC Milling machine x:710 y:500 z:460 mm
• 1 traditional milling machine x:2500 y:940 z:500 mm
• 2 CNC lathes Ø350X1000 mm
• 1 CNC parallel lathes Ø550X2000  mm
• 1 CNC machining center x:200 y:700 z:500 mm
• 1 CNC shaper z:250 mm
• 1 Radial arm driller x:1000 z: 600 mm
Arm radius 700 mm


Light carpentry:
• 6 TIG, MAG, soldening stations
 • 3 electric spot welders

Medium-heavy carpentry:
• 2 overhead cranes 10 Tons 5 mt high
• 7 TIG, MAG CMT stations
5000x1300 mm working place

Cold Metal Transfer Welding

CMT (cold metal transfer) welding is a “cold” welding process that permits: 
• Extremely low thermal input, with minimized distortion and deformation
• Spatter free welding
•Extremely high precision and timing
• welded joins between steel and aluminium
• Very small weld seams

Abrasive Blasting

• NORBLAST microsphere blasting system
For a precise and fast treatment of all stainless steel surfaces
Usage of ceramic or glass microspheres
Working range: 800x300x300 mm

Assembling and Mounting of Finished Machines

• 1 Assembly department for finished machines, on customers drawings, including assembly, testing and installation at the customers facilities.
• Department of 800 sqmt with Gutter crane 3 tons, useful height 5 mt
• Department for adjustment / tooling