Oxy-Fuel and 3D Cutting

• 4 TecniPant Oxy fuel cutting machines 
Working range: 3000x24000 mm
Material: Steel, quenched and tempered steel, weldox
Thickness up to 600 mm
Loading and unloading up to 30 Tons
Pre-blasted steel cutting
• Automated 3D bevel cutting robot

Oxy-fuel cutting machines allow precise cuts on thick plates, which cannot be performed by laser and plasma cutting machines. 
Mtl has an automated system for 3D bevel cutting on straight or shaped pieces.


Plasma Cutting

• 4 CNC- TecniPant plasma cutting machines With HD power generator 
Working range: 3000x24000 mm 
Cut thickness up to 30 mm 
Plasma cutting with drill head 
Drilling up to 20 mm 
Screw threading up to M16

Plasma machines allows cutting at a higher speed than the oxy-fuel technology, on medium thickness plates. 
Using plasma results in  lower costs on plates that don't require the tolerances ensured by the laser cutting technology.

Laser Cutting

• 1 LVD laser cutting machine 
Working range: 2500x6000 mm 
4000 Watt power laser 
Thickness up to: 
Steel: 20 mm

• 2 Mazak laser cutting machines 
Working range: 1500x3000 mm 
4000 Watt power laser 
Thickness up to: 
Steel: 20 mm

Laser cutting allows to achieve excellent performances, ensuring high productivity, precision products, process repeatability even for small series and reduction of production waste.  
The laser cutting system is served by an automated warehouse, that allows processing in unmanned shifts.


• 2 bending machines 400 Ton x 4000 mm 
• 2 Tandem bending machines 200 Ton x 4000 mm 
• 1 straightener 400 Ton  
Working range: 2000x4000 mm 
• 1 roll bending machine 1000x15 mm 
MTL can bend both thin metal sheets and thick plates as well.  
Two breaks can work together, in tandem, for a bending up to 8 meters. 

Machine Tooling

• 1 vertical CNC-machining centre 800x1600 mm
• 4 vertical CNC-machine tools 600x1200 mm
with Magnetic chucks for milling

Automated machine tools enable very precise and fast machining, including  drilling,  milling, and residue removal, whether on smaller productions or large series.


• 1 Welding Robot
Linear welding up to 8 mt
• 4 hand welding stations

MTL is specialized in heavy carpentry.
The company has at its disposal welding robots and highly skilled personnel  for the welding of small and medium sized components or especially complex and large assemblies.

Surface Finishing

• Tunnel shot blasting machine 1500x300 mm
• Automatic deburring machine
• Drum tumbling machine

Surface treatments alter the appearance of sheet metal, cut or assembled products by defining the roughness of the surface  and decoration, achieving clean surfaces by eliminating calamine, burrs and residue present on heavy sheet metal or produced during cutting and welding operations

Assembling and Finishing

Assembling and finishing are essential stages in the production process that require great care and attention, otherwise all the previous steps are undermined.
Experience plays a major role and, combined with the professionalism of the staff, ensures the desired results.