UPM Produzione


Mechanical Engineering

The highly trained staff uses sophisticated and always up to date software for mechanical engineering, CAD in 2D and 3D.
UPM offers both advice and assistance for any type of project or mechanical and technical design of the customers.

The services offered are:
- Implementation of feasibility studies
- Complete design of lines or groups of automatic machines
- Drafting of details
- Kinematic and dynamic analysis.
- Structural analysis (F.E.M)
- Survey of existing machines and industrialization
- Technical documentation

Assembling and Finishing of Finished Machines

The Team is composed of 20 staff members, dealing with the construction and the mechanical and electrical mounting of finished machines.

The services offered include:
- Implementation of assembly also at the customer's site.
- Turnkey supply management, from design to installation.
- Maintenance and revisions of machine groups or machines.